ISAS ENTERPRISE may sound new in terms of its corporate establishment but our seasoned professionals are versatile… We offer a wide variety of evaluation products suited for financial institutes, for instance, commercial banks, leasing companies & home equity lenders, services (including default and foreclosure markets) and first mortgage originations.

ISAS provides many powerful alternatives to full appraisals. They are not appraisals and do not include a physical inspection of either the exterior or interior of the subject property unless specifically indicated. Services include:

Field Inspection with Photo.
Field Asset Verification.
Broker Price Opinion.
Comparative Market Analysis.

Our skilled professionals dedicated to service provide clients with sound and realistic advice, accurate evaluations, detailed reports and rapid turnaround. We believe in keeping our clients closely informed, recognizing that effective communication is important to all engagements and is indeed a key to client satisfaction. The high quality of the company’s work consistently exceeds expectations… By removing uncertainty and complexity, we enable our clients to make sound business decisions. Our professionals, equipped with the best and most current market information and systems, simplify decision-making.

Moreover our experienced appraisers carefully document every step in the process. For example, major assets are appropriately photographed. We may also document significant installations while in production as a further means of accurately recording the characteristics of the manufacturing operation, its efficiencies and the condition of the assets. This eventually enables us to consider all of the vital information while preparing a complete and accurate appraisal. And, every evaluation undergoes a detailed quality assurance review by the chief… These efforts indeed help ensure the precision of the conclusions, creating a document that has many direct and indirect benefits to the client.

Need to determine the value of a property? Our report provides you with valuable sale price information and property characteristics for a particular home, along with up to 10 comparable sales within a mile of that home and within the last year. Ideal for any consumer… interested in refinancing, selling, or purchasing a home because it not only displays the last sale price for a piece of property, but does so in relation to others around it, thus allowing you to estimate its current worth. Therefore, before paying for the deed, you will be alerted as to how many comparable sales were found around your target property; then, you can decide if you want to buy or not…